Personal Training Studio Helps You Reach Your Full Potential

Experienced Harrisburg trainers enable progress without pressure

Precision Training Concepts is a unique fitness studio where knowledgeable trainers provide personalized guidance to help clients achieve their goals. At PTC, your program is completely customized based on your goals, age, health, weight, prior conditioning, injury history and other factors. Although we offer small group sessions, the core of our system is one-on-one sessions with a professional personal trainer who has the knowledge, experience and insight to help you meet your goals. We take a three-pronged approach that combines resistance training, cardio and nutrition to empower your success. But the greatest resource we offer is a close relationship with trainer who is not only accomplished in the personal fitness industry, but who is passionate about assisting clients in their pursuit of optimum health, wellbeing and confidence.

What are your goals for your personal fitness program?

The starting point for your personal fitness program is what you hope to achieve. Do you want:

  • Better balance
  • Greater confidence
  • Greater endurance
  • Improved overall health
  • Increased core strength
  • Toning
  • To slow the aging process
  • Weight loss

A personalized program based on our three-prong approach can help you achieve your goals steadily in a welcoming, pressure-free environment under the guidance of a skilled trainer.

Pursue maximum results while minimizing risks

We were inspired to create PTC after working in other gyms where we saw clients struggle with equipment, do exercises incorrectly, and injure themselves. The only guidance most received was one-size-fits-all advice from inexperienced trainers. We saw an opportunity to address these gym-goers’ unmet needs by opening a boutique personal fitness training studio.

We decided that a central element in our approach would be precise instruction on the performance of each exercise. The difference between an incorrect execution that causes harm and the correct method that builds muscle mass and endurance is generally invisible to the average “trainer.” But, by emphasizing proper execution, our accomplished staff has been able to spare our clients unnecessary injuries that hamper them physically and psychologically and accelerate their progress. While many trainers bark orders to “increase motivation,” we make minute adjustments that deliver results and increase satisfaction. And, while some trainers at the average gym check their text messages while you grunt through your pushups, ours focus on your form and execution of each task from warm up through the hour-long training session and your cool down.

Personalized coaching enables progress without pressure

At PTC, we believe it’s never too late to be a better version of yourself. But we also know how hard it can be to achieve your vision when you are intimidated, bored or put off by your surroundings. That’s why we focus on making PTC welcoming, personalized and private. Because we offer a personal training experience, there are not cliques, no poseurs, and no gawkers. You never have to wait for a machine, or hurry through your routine because someone is giving you the side-eye.

From the time you are ready for your warmup, your trainer is at your side giving you the guidance and encouragement you need to succeed. Our trainers are not only accomplished in the field of personal fitness, they are genuinely interested in forming personal bonds and supporting the progress of our clients. That’s why, when you come to PTC, there is no pressure, only progress.

Contact PTC in Harrisburg to learn more about our personal training experience

Precision Training Concepts in Harrisburg offers a unique fitness experience based on close, one-to-one instruction from knowledgeable and concerned trainers. To learn more about how our three-pronged approach can help you achieve your wellness goals, call us today at (717) 461.3410 or contact our studio online. We are conveniently located at 4085 Linglestown Road, just two miles east of the Susquehanna River.