Watch out for these 3 training mistakes

Are you a strength training enthusiast? Congratulations! You’re doing something FABULOUS for your body, and we’re incredibly proud of your commitment and hard work.

While we have you, though … we want to make sure you’re not sabotaging your efforts with some of the most common strength training mistakes. (If you’ve made any of these blunders, don’t worry — they’re very easy to fix!)

Lifting too light
With strength training, it’s important to challenge your body. If you consistently lift lighter weights without making occasional increases, your workouts will be less beneficial than they could be. Don’t be afraid to up your game a bit and increase the amount of weight you’re lifting periodically.

Lifting too heavy
At the same time, you don’t want to lift too much weight before you are ready. If so, your form could suffer and you would likely be more susceptible to injury which could ultimately lead to a lengthy — and frustrating — setback.

Lifting too often
Your muscles need time to rest. Your best bet is to train each major muscle group a couple of times per week with a day or two of rest between each session. These “rest days” give your body a chance to recuperate by allowing ample time for muscle and tissue repair.

Need help figuring out exactly how much weight you should be lifting? Or, do you need help ironing out an appropriate training session? We can help!

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