Benefits of Goal Setting vs. New Year’s Resolutions When Trying to Lose Weight

Closeup showing a hand checking off goals that were accomplished.

As the holiday season rolls around every year, we begin to scramble to develop New Year’s resolutions. Inevitably, the extra pounds added from the big holiday meals and treats tend to lead us to create resolutions revolving around weight loss.

While it is never a bad idea to make your health a center of focus, why wait for the new year to come? Consider setting goals throughout the year to help maintain a healthy weight that doesn’t leave you feeling like you need a new year’s resolution.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Tend to Fail

Waiting until the new year to set a weight loss goal often leads to lofty ambitions. Not to be discouraged, but we want to stress the value of setting achievable goals to help keep you motivated throughout your journey. If your initial goal is too big, it could be overwhelming even to begin the process.

In addition to frequently being too extreme, New Year’s resolutions do not always get the right amount of planning needed to execute them properly when the time comes. We don’t always consider all of the aspects that need to go into it. For weight loss, that may include grocery shopping lists, meal prepping, counting macronutrients, etc. As we all know, a lot more goes into the weight loss journey than just simply losing weight.

Why Goal Setting Works

Rather than creating a New Year’s resolution, why not try out setting a weight loss goal you can put in place year-round? When you create goals that are achievable and measurable, you are ultimately setting yourself up for success. Integrate gradual modifications to your diet and exercise with attainable goals to help ensure you stay on track and motivated to complete your next weight loss goals.

Not only do you want to create an ultimate weight loss goal for yourself, but you also want to create a plan to achieve that goal. That is a part of the goal-setting process. Map out exactly how you plan to integrate a healthier diet and exercise plan to meet your goals and give yourself milestones to hit along the way. You will build momentum and confidence in yourself as you see you are achieving these small but meaningful steps.

How Virtual Coaching Can Help

Finding the time and energy to map out all of your plans to achieve your weight loss goal is not easy. Rather than getting overwhelmed and potentially abandoning your goals while trying to figure it all out on your own, try seeking out help through virtual coaching.

With ever-changing rules and regulations regarding public safety, we can’t always rely on making it into a gym for our workouts anymore. Working out at home has become a more than viable solution to help to stay fit. Virtual coaching is a great option to work with from home to help give you some expert guidance in your journey towards achieving your weight loss goals.