Client Testimonial: Katie Shradley

One of the best things about working in the fitness industry? Working one-on-one with so many amazing clients … and we are humbled every day but the kind words they have about us, too! One of our newer clients recently shared what it was like to begin her fitness journey … 

“Training at PTC was pretty intimidating at first. At first, I had a lot more confidence in my trainer than I did in myself, and even five months in, I still rely on his confidence in me! We laugh, and I’m free to doubt, question, and yell. Even with all of that, my trainer continues to encourage and support me. Every week, I reach a new milestone, or add an extra mile or an extra set of weights. Now I get to enjoy life more every day. Whether it’s conquering the “big” hill on a walk with my dogs, or throwing kayaks in the truck for a weekend on the Chesapeake, my improved strength and better conditioning allow me to have more fun and spend my energy doing the things I want to do with ease. If you’re thinking about joining the PTC family, I would encourage you to take the leap. Trust your trainer and just jump in!”

— Katie Shradley, West Shore client