Ready to ditch the scale?

Newsflash: Scales can be a lousy measure of progress.

It’s a well-known fact in the fitness industry that scales don’t always paint an accurate picture of someone’s weight loss/fitness success. 

This is precisely why we encourage our clients to step back and figure out a way to create a more accurate assessment. 

Let’s start by explaining why the scale can be misleading.

  1. Everyone’s weight fluctuates throughout the course of a day, sometimes by as many as five or six pounds. Factors that come into play: the timing of your meals, water consumption, exercise and sleep. 
  2. For women, monthly cycles can significantly impact water retention. 
  3. Body recomposition is a HUGE part of someone’s fitness journey. As fat is burned and muscle mass is added, your body is hard at work. The number on the scale may not accurately reflect the big changes that are happening. 

Moral of the story: If you wake up one day and see an unwelcome number on the scale, DON’T FRET. 

Instead, consider these important — and better! — measures of success:

  • How do you feel? Now that you’re exercising more regularly, have you noticed that you’re in a better mood? We’re guessing this is a resounding yes!
  • How are your clothes fitting? Have you noticed that there’s a little extra room in your clothes? Are your jeans a little easier to button? Boom! These are huge wins. (Taking pictures can be a great way to document this kind of progress!)
  • What is your energy level? It may seem counterintuitive, but increasing the duration and intensity of your workouts can actually provide an energy boost.
  • Are you seeing strength gains? Are you lifting more weight at the gym? Do you notice that you can now easily perform tasks that were once a lot more difficult?
  • Finally, how are you sleeping? Getting a good night’s rest can be great indicators of success. 

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