Fall Fitness: 3 Top Outdoor Workout Ideas

Nothing beats fall weather. By the time September rolls around, most of us are ready to say goodbye to the heat and eagerly welcome the cool, crisp air. 

Autumn is the best season for exercising outside, and now is a great time to get into a new fitness routine. As we transition out of the laidback days of summer, we’re all feeling more motivated to kick our workout regimen into high gear.

Take advantage of the great outdoors with these three workouts we incorporate with our virtual personal training clients: 


The drop in temperature makes fall an ideal time to run outside. Without the heat and humidity, you will not only feel more comfortable, you’ll likely notice an improvement in your performance. 

As a result, fall is the time to push your limits and improve your endurance. Go for your personal best mile time!

Research proves it. According to a study of participants who ran a 10k in two different “environmental chambers” (summer and winter), running is harder on the body in the summer. In the summer conditions, heart rates were up 6%, and runners were 38% more dehydrated.

As heat increases internally, the body naturally tries to regulate the temperature.  The study authors explain “one of the mechanisms by which we lose heat is through sweating, but we also lose heat by transporting the blood to the surface of the skin where it can lose heat out into the external environment. Now, that puts more strain on the heart, particularly in hot conditions because it’s much harder to lose heat when the external environment is warm as well.”

During colder conditions, blood flows to the core to keep your body warm. This sends the message that your body has enough fluids. This not only leads to better overall performance, but a more enjoyable exercise experience.



Not only will you be able to admire the gorgeous fall foliage, hiking is a great lower body workout. With the changes in elevation, it challenges your legs and glutes in a way that many indoor workouts can’t. 

Climbing and walking on an incline strengthens several muscle groups (glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves) and improves your cardiovascular fitness. It also increases your heart rate and acts as a cardio workout, and depending on the intensity of the trail, you can end up burning a lot of calories.

As an added bonus, hiking is also a great stress reliever. Being in nature is scientifically-proven to boost your mental and physical health. 



This is one of the top fall workouts I recommend because it’s gentle on your joints (unlike running).

If you’re new to biking, start with riding on a flat surface. When you’re ready to kick it up a notch, try mountain biking. Riding on elevated terrain will activate your core and upper body muscles. 

Biking on a flat trail is a great lower body workout and mountain biking is more of a full-body workout. For optimal results, bike for 30 to 60 minutes several days per week.


Take advantage of the great outdoors and enjoy fall weather to the fullest!