Four-legged friends make the best workout pals

Looking for a dedicated workout pal? You just may want to consider your favorite four-legged friend. 

As many of you know, Patty and I love animals, and we’re big believers in the benefits of working out with your pets. 

Our beloved dogs, Diesel and Luke, were dedicated workout pals for years. Sadly, both dogs passed away within the last six months, and we miss them terribly. They were always up for a walk or a little playtime in the backyard, and they were a huge part of so much that happened in our family.

Today, we thought it would be nice to honor Diesel and Luke, along with all the other pets out there that do such a great job of motivating their humans! Plus, seeing our clients with their beloved pets is part of the healing process for us. 

We’ve also been touched over the last year and half by the number of pets that have made appearances in PTC virtual training sessions. During the height of the pandemic, many of our clients switched from in-person to virtual workouts, and we’ve enjoyed meeting all the furry friends that wanted to be a part of all the action. (We also enjoyed the pets that opted to snooze while their humans were busy sweating … they at least get a few points for providing moral support!)

Next time you head out for a walk or a jog, consider taking your dog with you. In addition to getting a great workout (your dog may dictate the pace!), you’ll have a devoted pal by your side every step of the way.