Good technique should be your top priority

Over the last several months, we’ve welcomed several new 20-something clients to the PTC family.

In many cases, their love of working out began in high school, but they didn’t always spend a lot of time focusing on proper technique. 

That’s precisely why our first order of business is “back to basics.”

Consider this: Poor technique can do two things:

  • It can interfere with your ability to achieve optimal results
  • It can increase the likelihood that you’ll suffer from an injury

Naturally, we want to do everything we can to make sure neither of those things happens. 

Instead of focusing on WHAT to do, we shift our attention to HOW you should be performing each exercise. We try to walk you through the process of doing each rep properly, and we talk about things like:

  • How you should be positioning your body
  • The best way to breathe through an exercise
  • The appropriate tempo 

Ultimately, good technique is one of the crucial building blocks for success. Master it, and you’ll see great results!