It’s time to spring into action!

Buckle up, friends! Swimsuit season is just around the corner.

That, of course, means one thing: NOW is the time to be working toward the fit, toned beach bod you’ve been dreaming of!

A few things to remember:

Don’t wait until the last minute.
If you start now, you still have the three full months (March, April and May) to work toward your goals, and you can make a TON of great progress in that span of time … we promise! 

Consistency is key.
Commit to working out several days each week. Plus, if you want to up the ante a bit, see if you can find creative ways to incorporate movement into your everyday activities. Park at the far end of a parking lot when you run errands, opt for stairs instead of elevators, and get off the couch and hold a one-minute plank during commercial breaks!

Mindset matters.
Feeling discouraged? Don’t be. It just takes a few workouts to get back into a fitness groove, and that will do wonders for how you feel. You’ll be surprised to discover just how quickly your attitude changes!

So there you have it … a few simple tips for getting your body toned just in time for warmer weather! What’s your next workout going to be?