Client Transformation: Kathy Anderson-Martin

Best thing about working in the fitness industry? Seeing our clients make incredible transformations — hands down! Kathy Anderson-Martin, 54, of Camp Hill, is a perfect example. About a year ago, she committed to working out regularly, and her efforts have paid off in a big way! We sat down and chatted with her, and she shared some great tidbits about her personal journey …

How did you first hear about PTC?
Patty and Bryan are very involved in our local community. I met them years ago, and we became friends. Patty is always saying that you need to invest in your health, but I ignored her for quite some time. Eventually, after watching their business grow and knowing others who had jumped on board, I decided it was time.

What inspired you to schedule your first appointment?
Prior to joining PTC, I began working with a health coach. I made some nutrition and food changes, but after a while, I knew I needed to do a little more. I was feeling the need to be in better shape, and I wanted to be proactive. Plus, my husband and I can see retirement in view. We have all these plans and goals, and we don’t want to be the people with the sore knees and backs. We want to be able to do what we want to do, now and in the future!

Thinking back, did the idea of beginning your fitness journey seem scary or intimidating?
I’ll be honest. I did not go in this feeling enthusiastic and excited. I thought, “Maybe I’ll try it for a month or two.” But I realized that working out made me feel better. I’m still not that excited to begin a workout, but I like how I feel afterward.

What changes were you hoping to make in your life?
Well 2020 ended up being a year when health really came to the forefront. This year, more than ever, I realized how important it is to be healthy in body mind and spirit.

What is your favorite thing about working with the PTC trainers?
They are all extremely personable, and they make our workouts fun and different. It’s never been the same thing twice! They also listen. They do a nice job of pushing you, but also understanding any challenges and physical limitations you might be up against.

How has your life improved since you began your journey?
I’ve lost about 50 pounds overall, and in the last year, I’ve lost 20 pounds and 33 inches! I’ve lost 2 inches in my neck … so I’m losing in places that I didn’t even realize were an issue. I’ve gone down 2-3 clothing sizes, I have more energy, and I’m just feeling stronger. On the days I do early-morning sessions, I feel more alert and stronger all day. Fitness affects everything in a more positive direction. Plus, my husband and I have discovered that workout dates are a great alternative to going out to eat all the time. That’s a good thing all the way around!

What would you tell someone who is thinking about taking the leap?
I think it goes back to what Patty says: You need to invest in your health. Here’s the thing … I invest in my finances and relationships, but if I’m not in good health, none of those things really matters. I want to position myself to be healthy in body, mind and spirit, because it all goes together.

Stay tuned … we’ll be featuring Kathy’s husband, Jon Martin, in his own Client Transformation story next month!