Client Spotlight: Shelly Latsha

Helping our clients set and achieve fitness goals is truly one of the best things about what we do. Runner Shelly Latsha, 53, connected with us several months ago because she wanted to build strength … and in the time we’ve worked together, she has made huge strides!  

How did you first hear about PTC?
I met Bryan’s wife Patty through my job. We shared a mutual love of fitness and she told me about PTC. She encouraged me to look at the business and thought they could help me take my training to the next level. 

What inspired you to schedule your first appointment?
I have been a lifelong fitness enthusiast but was ready to improve my weight training. For me, that meant getting a trainer to understand how to do this correctly. 

What changes were you hoping to make? 
I consider myself a runner at the core, but I wanted to work on strength training to complement my running. My training has evolved, and now I really love weightlifting in and of itself. This has been a fun process.

What is your favorite thing about working with the PTC trainers? 
Bryan and I have worked together to achieve my goals since the beginning. He asks me what I want to accomplish and gears the training to that end. Bryan has been supportive, and I’ve felt comfortable asking him questions. I feel like he’s just as excited to see my progress as I am. 

How has your life improved since you began your journey/what changes have you seen?
My strength has improved and physically I look much better. Because of this, I am much more confident, both physically and mentally. 

What would you tell someone who is thinking about taking the leap?
There’s no better investment than in your health. Prioritize yourself, schedule time for exercise and hire someone who will be your biggest supporter. All the trainers I have met at PTC will be happy to guide you on your journey, no matter where you are now and where you want to go! 

Is there anything else about your personal story you’d like to share?
I hope to inspire anyone who thinks they are “too” anything: old, overweight, slow, weak. I am in the best shape of my life right now and PTC has been part of that process. Don’t sell yourself short. It is never too late to be better than ever. Make that call and sign up with a trainer at PTC!