PTC … We’re Live on Central PA’s Podcast Circuit

Screenshot from The Shrimp Tank podcast

Happy 2021! Patty and I are thrilled to be ringing in a new year, and we decided we wanted to do it in a big way! In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of being guests on a couple of podcasts, and we wanted to make sure you have the scoop! 

Chick2Chick Podcast

Have you decided that 2021 is the year you’re finally going to get healthy? Patty was a guest on the Chick2Chick podcast earlier this month, and she explained how the simple act of moving your body is a wellness power play that will strengthen your body and your mind. (What’s not to love about that?)

This 12-minute podcast episode is chock-full of information from Patty, including:

  • The scientific reason exercise boosts your mood
  • The one thing you should do to set yourself up for success
  • An easy trick for making healthy food choices at the grocery store 
  • Simple (and quick!) things you can do to recharge your mind, even while working from home 

Want to learn how you can incorporate the mind-body benefits of exercise into your day? Have a listen right here!

The Shrimp Tank Podcast

Who doesn’t love a sweet surprise? 

The Shrimp Tank, one of central Pennsylvania’s most beloved podcasts, recently invited us to be a part of their gift card matching program designed to support entrepreneurs and small businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. What an honor! 

We were blown away by their generosity … and blown away by our customers’ response! Within days of the podcast, we had surpassed the threshold for the Shrimp Tank’s incredible gift card matching offer. 

We decided to extend the fun with a second offer that will run through the end of January. If you are a new PTC client, we’re going to jumpstart your fitness journey with a little bonus … 

Buy 10 sessions and get 1 free ($60 value)

Buy 20 sessions and get 2 free ($120 value)

Purchasing a package is easy. Just stop in and see us at either of our locations, or give us a call.

East Shore location: (717) 461-3410

West Shore location: (717) 546-8989

We can’t wait to be a part of your fitness journey! (And if you want to check out our podcast appearance, you can see that right here!)