Congrats to our Simply the Best nominees! 

Pardon us. We’re here in our studio doing the happy dance!

Why, you ask?  Well … (drum roll, please) … we have big news. THREE of our amazing trainers have been selected as nominees in Harrisburg Magazine’s 2021 Simply the Best awards.  

That’s right! Bryan Sibbach, Fran Martin and Joe DiGiacomo are doin’ us proud. 

Want to be a part of all the fun? Voting is simple. 

  1. Head to this link
  2. Select the “Beauty and Fitness” category
  3. Scroll down to the “Personal Trainers” section and cast your vote! 

Voting begins tomorrow, April 15, at 12:01 a.m. Eastern and runs through mid-June. (We’ll be sure to remind you about this a few times before voting comes to an end.)

In the meantime, be sure to give Bryan, Fran, and Joe a giant high-five next time you see them!