Snowbound? Don’t slow down!

Even if you’re not *actually* stranded, there’s something about freeeeeezing cold temps and icy sidewalks that makes everyone want to snuggle up and stay inside. (We get it!)

But that doesn’t mean you should completely abandon your workout routine. In fact, there are plenty of great ways to keep moving INSIDE the comfort of your own home. Here are three of our go-to exercises: 

The Squat
This full-body movement requires you to move larger muscle groups, and as a result, you’re working your heart, lungs and core. Want to make it more challenging? No problem! Pause at the bottom of your squat before returning to an upright position or hold something heavy … a gallon of milk, some books, or your favorite furry friend. Anything that adds resistance will do the trick!

The Pushup
Ah, yes … this tried-and-true exercise is an excellent way to build strength. Simply place your hands directly beneath your shoulders and see how many you can do. (If the standard toes-on-the-ground position is too tough, you can easily modify by positioning your knees on the ground. If you’re looking to ramp things up a bit, try experimenting with your tempo. Lower yourself to the ground slowly, which allows you to have more control and benefit from added resistance. 

The Plank
Sometimes, the toughest movement is no movement at all. Be sure to keep your body flat and keep your elbows directly under your shoulders. This will allow you to fully engage your core. Looking to step it up a bit? Gently rotate your hips from side-to-side while you plank.  

BONUS: The Driveway Shovel
We’ve all done our fair share of shoveling the last few days, which means we’re all getting some bonus workouts in (like it or not!). We’ve noticed that a lot of our clients complain of sore backs after a snowstorm hits, though, which means you may not be shoveling correctly. To reduce the risk of injury, bend your knees, sort of like you’re doing a squat … and when you toss snow, it’s best to scoop and rotate your core instead of flinging the snow over your shoulder. (Your back will thank us!)