Client Spotlight: Amanda Lavis and Dave Pedersen

“When PTC tells you to take walks over lunch, you take walks over lunch!” — Amanda Lavis

Helping our clients set and achieve fitness goals is truly one of the best things about what we do. Today, we’d like to introduce Amanda Lavis, 36, and Dave Pedersen, 38, who have faithfully been participating in virtual training sessions while living in Kailua, Hawaii, and Naples, Italy! 

How did you first hear about PTC?
We met Patty and Bryan while living in Mechanicsburg. Patty and Bryan are both heavily involved in the community and their passion for fitness and health was easy to see. When we talked with them about our struggles (let’s just say we weren’t “involved” with fitness), they encouraged us to start.

What inspired you to schedule your first appointment?
We had just gotten married and wanted to ensure we made fitness a priority in both of our schedules. We knew that a traditional gym wouldn’t be a good fit for us (it’s too easy to blow it off after a busy day at work), and it’s important to us to support local businesses, particularly businesses they support our community. We love Patty and Bryan’s positive and realistic attitudes about health, so PTC was the obvious choice for us! Scheduling a PTC session set accountability for us and we’ve kept going since then!

Which trainers do you work with, and what do you love about virtual training sessions?
We primarily work with Fran and Bryan, but we have worked with several other trainers over the years. All the trainers are great and having a variety of trainers to work with makes it easy to find a good fit. Both Fran and Bryan keep us moving during our workouts, whether in person or virtually. We have 30 minutes and no minute is wasted!

Virtual sessions have enabled us to keep workouts consistent no matter where we are. During the pandemic, it was invaluable to have a fitness routine we could count on. When we moved 8,000 miles from Hawaii to Italy, we knew we already had our workout plans in place! An added highlight is that any time we go back to Pennsylvania, we know we can swing in for an in-person session at either PTC location. #PTCworldwide

What changes were you hoping to make in your life?
We have very busy schedules for work and we needed to make fitness more of a priority. Without accountability, it’s too easy to forgo a workout. With PTC, we’ve been able to accomplish this and be consistent despite all of our life changes.

What is your favorite thing about working with the PTC trainers?
Fran and Bryan are the best! We’ve never had a workout where we felt discouraged. They push us without pushing too hard. No matter how hard I (Amanda) complain (I find working out hateful, even though I feel 10000% better after every workout), they are always encouraging and we always have a good time. (I say “hateful” they say “effective”!)

We also love their ability to adapt. It doesn’t matter if we are in a hotel room with no equipment or in our home gym, Fran and Bryan are able to create great workouts. They always have good suggestions about incorporating fitness into the rest of our days (although I think Bryan may have regretted recommending taking walks over lunch when we lived in Hawaii).

How has your life improved since beginning your journey?
Working with PTC has helped us make fitness a priority in our schedules, no matter where we are. And let’s face it, living in the pasta and wine capital of the world, we need all the fitness help we can get!

What would you tell someone who is thinking about taking the leap?
Try it! Starting something new (even if it’s just a new workout routine) is hard, but having a great support system like PTC makes it easier. The physical health benefits are obvious, but taking the time to focus on moving your body has a great impact on mental health.