The #1 Thing Holding You Back From Getting Fit

Making Sure Your Fitness Routine is SuccessfulDo you know what we hear all the time from people about to begin their fitness journey? They think they need to be fit before they even start. The idea that we should be accomplished at something before we begin doing it is a completely self-defeating belief — but many of us have it! 

The truth is, you don’t have to be in great shape to start making progress towards a healthier life; you can begin wherever you are. Even if you’ve never set foot in a gym before, personal training can help you define your goals and put you on the right track towards accomplishing them.

Having in-person or virtual coaching can be invaluable, especially when you’re just getting started in the fitness world. Here are five key questions you can ask personal trainers and fitness studios to assess whether they’ll be the right fit for you.

5 Questions to Ask Before Beginning Personal Training

Finding a personal trainer whose personality you jive with is just as important as determining if they’re a good fit for helping you reach your goals. 

1. What Are Your Qualifications and Specialties?

Before beginning work with a personal trainer, you’ll want to ask about their background, experience, certifications, and areas of specialization.

 If you’re new to working out, you may prefer to choose someone familiar with the needs of novice exercisers, and who can empathize with the challenges that beginners face.

First aid and CPR certifications are pretty standard requirements for trainers, but you should double-check to make sure your trainer has everything needed. Additionally, if you have a particular skill or fitness area that you’d like to focus on, find out if your potential trainer has special training in that area, as well.

2. What Does Your Fitness Program Entail?

Every personal trainer and fitness studio takes a different approach to creating custom fitness programs for clients. Before signing up for any fitness program, try to get as many details as possible. Ask how many weekly sessions you’ll do, whether nutrition and diet are included, and what else the program involves so that you know exactly what to expect. 

This information will also help you decide whether a particular personal training program fits with your life and schedule. Set yourself up for success by choosing a program that you know is manageable for you.

3. How Do You Measure Progress Towards Goals?

One of the most rewarding parts of the fitness journey is watching yourself improve and make progress towards your goals. It can be very motivating to see statistics on your performance over time because you’ll often be able to see measurable gains. Be sure to ask your potential trainer or studio how they track your progress and how you’ll be able to access any data they collect.

4. How Do You Keep Your Clients Motivated?

Different trainers have wildly different styles of motivating and energizing their clients. Do you want someone who will push you aggressively? Or would you prefer someone with a more empathic, soft-touch style? Only you know what kind of behavior motivates you best, so make sure to choose a trainer whose personality jives with yours.

5. What Happens If I’m Not Getting Results?

While you may feel hesitant about asking this question, it’s a good idea to ask your trainer how they might adjust your program if you aren’t getting the results you desire. Of course, you need to do your part by showing up and putting in the effort, but it’s your trainer’s job to support you in achieving your goals. You want to hire someone who can adapt and change course if the current program isn’t working for you.

Enlisting in a personal training program is one of the most effective ways to begin your fitness journey. Make sure you start off on the right foot by asking the questions above, so you can set yourself up for success down the road!