The Secret to Long-Term Weight Loss (Hint: It’s More Than Just Your Diet)

Woman Eating HealthyWhen it comes to losing weight, you’ve likely heard a ton of mixed messages. Whether it’s a new supplement, cleanse, or a fad diet, they all promise a quick fix and fast results.

Sure, you can lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time, but you’ll put it back on (and then some). Here’s why: lasting weight loss is a process. Your diet is only part of the equation. To lose weight and keep it off, you have to build good habits and make smart, healthy decisions on a regular basis. 

In fact, according to research, you should remove the word “diet” from your vocabulary altogether. For positive, long-term results you need to do more than change your diet; you need to change your lifestyle.

Many people get confused assuming that one diet is better than another, “when in fact changes in lifestyle, not diet types, are the true ways to prevent weight gain,” researchers explain. 

Instead of thinking about what to eat, think about how to eat. What habits will bring you closer to achieving your fitness goals? 

Adopt these 3 Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle


1. Eat mindfully


Many people don’t realize this but the way you eat is often a reflection of how you feel. Some people overeat when they’re anxious, others barely eat at all, but whatever category you fall under, your emotional state impacts your physical state.

To eat mindfully, you need to slow down and eat with intention. In other words, listen to your body and provide it with nourishing, wholesome foods. Ask yourself: Am I hungry at this moment? Or am I turning to food to cope with stress?

To become more mindful of how you’re eating and see where you can improve, try tracking your habits in a food journal. 


2. Create an environment that sets you up for success


Think about the times when you made poor food choices. How often was it out of convenience? Do you work late and don’t have the energy to cook when you get home? If so, you’re not alone.  

This is where controlling your environment comes in. To minimize temptation, stock your refrigerator with healthy options. For instance, if you’re a daytime snacker, keep fruit and nuts on hand. You’ll be less likely to reach for cookies or ice cream. 

I know it’s hard but walk past the junk food aisle at the supermarket. You’ll thank yourself later! It seems obvious, but if unhealthy options aren’t in your face, you’ll be less tempted to have them. When it comes to eating healthy, being prepared is half the battle.

This also applies when you go to a restaurant or attend an event.  Before you leave, drink a glass of water or eat a piece of fruit to control your appetite. These small changes can make a major difference.


3. Exercise frequently


The mind and body are closely connected, and the more you work out, the more your body craves healthy foods. Science confirms it!

It’s called the transfer effect. By building one positive habit (exercising frequently), it transfers to another positive habit (eating healthy). Exercise and nutrition are so linked, they are two of the core focuses of our virtual coaching program, personal training program and small group personal training program. 

Pro tip: Exercise in the morning. It will lead to better decision-making during the day. 

The bottom line: building healthy habits is the key to success. To get started, start implementing these three habits and keep me posted on your progress. You’ve got this!