Tired of the Same Meals? Try these 5 Nutritious, Easy-to-Follow Recipes

During quarantine, nourishing our minds and bodies is essential. And with more time on our hands to make meals at home, many of us are tapping into our inner Julia Child and putting our cooking skills to the test.

While the quarantine recipe of choice is sourdough bread, there are more nutritious (and less time consuming) options to choose from. If you want to mix up your menu, try these five healthy and easy-to-follow recipes we suggest in our online coaching and personal fitness training programs:

Italian Tuna Melt

If you’re stocked up on tuna cans and want to try something new, this tasty, low-calorie recipe has all the flavor of a traditional tuna melt without the fat. Instead of using tons of mayo, this tuna melt contains pesto, lemon juice, olives, and onions.

As an added bonus, these ingredients are non-perishable and affordable. Whether you’re in the mood for lunch or a light dinner, this tuna melt is a tasty and practical option.

Zucchini “Fettucine”

Known for being high in carbs and calories, pasta usually gets cut first when you’re watching your weight. But what if you could enjoy spaghetti without the guilt? With zucchini noodles, you can!

All you have to do is cut the zucchini into strips (or if you have a spiralizer, even better). The best part about Zucchini Fettucine  is that there’s no cooking required. This vegetarian dish is best served cold, which is perfect as we head into the summer season.

Fish Tacos with Tomatillo Sauce

If you and your family are fans of Taco Tuesday, you’ll want to try this healthy new treat. All you have to do is switch out the beef for fish and flour tortilla for corn. The best part is the tomatillo sauce, made with fresh, tasty ingredients.

Also, the prep time is only 26 minutes. So, on days when you don’t feel like cooking this is a great go-to recipe.

Healthy Chinese Chicken Salad

This sweet and savory dish is a lighter version than most of the Chinese Chicken Salads, which are saturated in dressing with too many fried noodles. Skip the high-fructose corn syrup and replace it with this flavorful mandarin-orange based vinaigrette.

You can enjoy all of the rich flavor and none of the guilt when you eat the Healthy Chinese Chicken Salad.

Cauliflower Rice “Risotto” with Beets

Don’t let the word “risotto” scare you. Unlike traditional risotto, which can be very time-consuming (not to mention high-cal) this recipe only takes 15 minutes. It calls for cauliflower instead of white rice, making it both healthy and delicious.

The secret is in the vegetable broth, giving the cauliflower a creamy texture. And the beets add just the right amount of sweetness.

No matter what your food preference is there’s something for everyone on this recipe list.

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