4 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Before The Holidays

The holiday season can be synonymous with the eating season. It’s the time of year you get to indulge in all the favorite foods and drinks, but doing so can wreak havoc on your weight loss efforts. However, there are ways to still enjoy all that food without causing too much damage, simply by preparing your body beforehand and boosting your metabolism. 

What is Metabolism?

Your metabolism is your body’s process of converting food into energy. The faster your body does this, the better it is for weight loss. If you have a low metabolism (or metabolic rate), you may feel sluggish and have difficulty losing weight. Making a few changes to your daily routine will help boost your metabolism to give you more energy and kickstart your weight loss. 

Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Before the Holidays

Here are plenty of techniques that you can use to jumpstart your metabolism:

1. Protein

It’s essential to eat protein at every meal and snack because it can temporarily raise your metabolism. It requires more energy and calories for your body to digest proteins, therefore raising your metabolic rate. Since it takes your body longer to absorb protein, it can leave you feeling full longer, thus curbing your eating for longer periods. 

2. Increase Your Workouts

Your metabolism is high in the hours after a workout. High-intensity workouts, like kickboxing or spinning, are the best cardio workouts. Lifting weights is also beneficial because building muscle can speed up metabolism. 

Personal training sessions can be beneficial because each session can be tailored to your specific weight loss needs. Start now and slowly increase your workout frequency and intensity before the holidays hit. 


Water is essential to everyday life. Studies show water can help you feel full longer and speed up your metabolism throughout the day. Water keeps you hydrated, which can help you burn calories faster. In one study,  participants who drank eight glasses of water per day burned more calories on average than participants who drank four glasses of water. The best way to add more water into your daily routine is to drink a glass before each meal and snack. 

4.Snack Often

It may seem counterintuitive, but eating more often during the day can help keep your metabolism high for longer periods. Your metabolism naturally slows down in between meals because your body is running out of energy. Snacking in between meals can help keep it elevated, resulting in increased weight loss. 

Snacking is a good process to begin now and continue throughout the holiday season. Instead of waiting long periods of time between big holiday meals, try reaching for healthier foods throughout the day so you don’t binge on unhealthy foods at dinnertime. And even if you eat some higher fat foods during holiday festivities, you will have a higher metabolism to help convert those extra calories faster. 

Start Sooner Rather Than Later

Starting to incorporate these changes into your daily life now will help boost your metabolism to convert extra calories into energy faster. Getting into a healthy routine today will also help you maintain them throughout the holiday season, which can significantly help with your weight loss goals.