Small Group Personal Training at PTC Fitness in Harrisburg

Dynamic classes deliver health and fitness benefits in a supportive environment

Between personal training sessions, you need to maintain your commitment to maximize your gains. If you find it difficult to work out on your own, but don’t have the budget for personal training sessions three or more times a week, a group class may be just what you need. Our group classes, consisting of three or more clients, combine the elements of our personal training sessions — cardiovascular exercise and resistance training under the close guidance of a knowledgeable personal trainer — with the added motivation of a group setting. If you draw energy from the crowd and satisfaction from shared experience, you’ll appreciate the camaraderie and sense of accomplishment you gain from our small group sessions.

What to expect from our small group training classes

Our small group sessions run for 45 minutes divided into three parts:

  • Warmup — Even when you’re short on time, you never want to exercise strenuously on cold muscles. Our warmups are designed to get oxygenated blood flowing to warm your muscles so they’ll gently stretch without strain. At PTC, we’re very concerned with avoiding injuries, so you can maintain your workout and derive the greatest benefits in the shortest amount of time.
  • Station work — The bulk of the session is spent on cardio and resistance training on various pieces of equipment. The trainer in charge sets up workout stations consisting of various types of equipment: cardio machines, kettle bells, TRX suspension trainers, battle ropes, weight machines, and dumbbells. The trainer also sets up floor space for classic calisthenics, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and sprints. Your trainer demonstrates the proper way to perform each exercise and the rotation.
  • Cool down — To prevent cramping and muscle stiffness later in the day, it’s important to do a thorough stretch of the muscles you’ve been working.

Supplementing your personal training sessions with two or three group sessions a week could be just what you need to take your personal fitness to the next level.

Experienced trainers offer added benefits

The downside of a group class is that you can easily get lost in the crowd. You might be in a class that’s over your head and risking injury trying to keep up. And, if the trainer has noticed you at all, he or she hasn’t tried to adjust your technique, but only cheered you on to greater effort, which puts you at greater risk of injury.

At PTC, we’re committed to offering our clients a superior training experience. We try to avoid these common problems with:

  • Close supervision by experienced trainers — Our accomplished trainers have experience with groups up to 20 participants. They know how to structure a session, observe participants, and give pointers whenever appropriate.
  • Carefully planned sessions — Our trainers design a group class comprised of various activities employing a variety of instruments, so you get a complete, well-rounded workout. We also use the space creatively, so you have all the room you need to work, but you’re never out of the trainer’s sight.   
  • Knowledge of the participants — Trainers structure the session for our clients’ maximum benefit. Because we know our clients, we can accommodate different conditioning levels within a single session. Whenever necessary, we can modify exercises or substitute another activity at a particular station.

With all of these advantages, a group class at PTC is more than an interlude between personal training sessions. You don’t have to worry about developing bad habits or backsliding on your technique, because our watchful trainers are determined to help you build on your success.  

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