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Accomplished professionals who care about your success

At PTC, the core of your experience is your one-on-one relationship with your personal fitness trainer. Each trainer is accomplished in the field of personal fitness and is dedicated to addressing our clients’ needs. But our trainers are also skilled communicators who help identify your goals, design an individualized program based on your unique circumstances, and provide the instruction and motivation necessary for your steady progress.

Personal attention enables progress without pressure

Our goal at PTC is to provide a welcoming environment for you to pursue your fitness goals under the guidance of a skilled and knowledgeable trainer. Get to know our training staff by reading their bios, then give us a call to schedule an introductory interview.

Eric Ring – Eric has more than 15 years of experience as a personal trainer. Throughout his career, Eric has also competed as a body builder, learning a vast amount about the impact of diet and nutrition on a person’s physique and overall health. Eric has also learned how to target specific areas of the body through weight training to obtain optimal results. Personal training then led Eric towards physical therapy, which is his current area of concentration.
Knowledge of physical therapy allows Eric to focus his clients on proper form, posture and core stability which are essential for success in body transformation. Eric is also am well-versed in targeted stretching which is key for obtaining ideal results. Eric’s background has made him proficient in plyometrics, Tabata (a style of high-intensity impact training), bodyweight training and HIIT workouts. Eric’s passion for personal training enables him to meet clients wherever they are on their fitness journey and support their success.

Fran Martin – While attending college, Fran sought out a gym regiment that would work for him and his lifestyle. He found a kickboxing gym where he was able to burn 700 calories/hour, and he was hooked. After he lost weight and improved his conditioning, a fitness instructor insisted that Fran get certified. But Fran didn’t stop there; he went to get his PT certification and TRX specialty training. Eventually, Fran obtained two more certifications in ‘HIIT’ workouts. He incorporates all of the following into his training with clients: kickboxing, body weight exercises, TRX suspension training, dumbbell/barbell training, and HIIT training.


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Precision Training Concepts in Harrisburg offers a unique fitness experience based on close, one-to-one instruction from knowledgeable and concerned trainers. To learn how one of our personal fitness trainers can help you achieve your wellness goals, call us today at (717) 461-3410 or contact our studio online. We are conveniently located at 4085 Linglestown Road, just two miles east of the Susquehanna River.