Virtual Personal Training Empowers You to Meet Your Health and Fitness Goals

Online coaching sessions with our certified trainers deliver superior experience and results

Today it’s more important than ever to maintain your overall health, but for many of us, managing a fitness routine has never been more challenging. Current realities make it difficult to get personalized health and fitness guidance from knowledgeable trainers, and it often seems like the only option is an online group class or workout video that doesn’t address your specific needs. Fortunately, Precision Training Concepts in Harrisburg provides personalized, in-depth, and specific training through our Virtual Coaching portal. Our knowledgeable trainers give you individualized health and fitness guidance that informs, motivates, and delivers superior results. Certainly, being in the fitness center with your trainer is the optimal situation, but when circumstances prevent a visit to the gym, our Virtual Coaching is the next best thing.

Gold Virtual Membership
  • Initial assessment
  • Weekly training videos based on our 3 pronged approach
  • Access to our private online community to ask questions
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Platinum Virtual Membership
  • Everything in the Gold Membership
  • Live Group Virtual Personal Training sessions twice weekly taught by a PTC Certified Trainer
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Common problems with online personal training

If you’re motivated to stay healthy, you’ve probably searched around the Internet for options, such as online classes and videos. But how effective are they? You might find a high-energy coach with a lively routine, but it’s up to you to adapt to his or her methods. That’s risky, because the coach can’t see what shape you’re in or how you’re managing the exercises. You may engage in activities you’re not ready for, or you may approach an exercise with poor technique. That places you at risk of injury or overexertion, which can put you on the shelf and delay your progress. And, even if you find a suitable routine, it quickly becomes monotonous and your progress plateaus. Let’s face it, these sorts of programs are calibrated towards the lowest common denominator. For maximum enjoyment and optimal results, you need an individualized program.

PTC’s three-pronged approach to virtual personal training

At PTC, we are committed to our three-pronged approach which combines personalized health and fitness advice in three key areas:

  • Nutrition — No fad diets, just sound, proven advice geared towards your age, weight, current state of health, and other individual factors.
  • Resistance training — The right weight, the right number of reps, and the proper technique to tone and strengthen your whole body.
  • Cardio — Personalized stretching and movement at the optimal tempo to build cardiovascular strength and endurance.

Through our Virtual Coaching portal, we are able to deliver a similar level of individual attention to these key factors that we would inside our studio. Our certified coaches create an individualized program that addresses your health and fitness needs. We use the right combination of consistency and variety to prompt steady progress. We provide motivation to stay on track, but the true motivation comes from enjoying your workout sessions and seeing tangible results.

How PTC’s virtual coaching can work for you

Precision Training Concepts™ is a premier fitness studio offering virtual and in-person training from certified personal trainers. Through our Virtual Coaching portal, we provide:

  • Initial assessment — The cornerstone of our program is a comprehensive intake, where we get to know your history, current health and fitness profile, and your goals. The assessment allows us to set a baseline, craft an individual program, and set reasonable metrics to measure your progress.
  • Live Group Training sessions — Log on twice weekly for a class of 10 or fewer students taught by a PTC Certified Trainer. Our sessions provide the excitement and camaraderie of a class with the personal attention you need to accelerate progress.
  • Weekly training videos — Log on any time for a motivating, safe and effective workout based on our three-pronged approach.
  • Access to our private online community — When you enroll at PTC, you’re not alone. Our members share the goal of optimizing health and fitness, and they are ready to share their experiences and answer questions to support your efforts.

You can choose a level of membership that’s appropriate for your circumstances, starting at just $47 dollars per month. Within no time, you’ll gain confidence from knowing that you’re on the right track to optimal health and fitness.

Contact PTC in Harrisburg to learn more about our virtual training opportunities

Precision Training Concepts in Harrisburg offers a unique online fitness experience based on our three-pronged approach to overall wellness. Call us today at (717) 461-3410 or contact our studio online. We are conveniently located at 4085 Linglestown Road, just two miles east of the Susquehanna River.

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