Trust Your Corporate Wellness Program to PTC in Harrisburg

Comprehensive fitness and nutrition training helps reduce healthcare costs

As healthcare costs continue to rise more sharply than the rate of inflation, it’s more important that ever for companies to offer incentives for their employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and nutrition. If you want to create a corporate wellness program that gets results, come to Precision Training Concepts. Our highly trained and accomplished trainers develop personalized fitness and nutrition programs specifically tailored for individual clients. We’ve had decades of success helping clients achieve their fitness goals, even when success required a radical transformation. Through a combination of personal training sessions, group classes and nutritional counseling, we take a comprehensive approach that delivers consistently positive, sustained results.

A wellness program based on observable metrics    

Studies show that when employees exercise regularly, manage their weight and maintain a commonsense diet, they are less susceptible to stress, colds, flu, muscle strains and other common illnesses. They also miss fewer days of work. The result is greater productivity for the company’s workforce and lower healthcare costs. This is a win for the company and the employees. The trick, of course, is to craft a program that employees can and will stick with, and to make the program measurable for the employer who is footing the bill.  

At PTC, we offer:

  • Personal attention — The hallmark of PTC is the bond between a knowledgeable and concerned personal trainer and a client who earnestly wants to improve his or her health. Our trainers provide detailed instruction on the proper technique for each exercise, so clients reap the greatest possible benefit for time spent. Our trainers are empathetic and are personally invested in the success of each client.
  • Group training — Between personal training sessions, clients can take advantage of group classes under the close supervision of a knowledgeable trainer. Clients still get personal attention but draw additional motivation by bonding with other clients in a high-energy, group experience.
  • Nutritional counseling — For optimal wellness, most clients most commit to lifestyle modification, which includes changes in diet. Our nutritional counseling is based on commonsense, proven guidelines for sustained energy, safe weight loss, improved stamina, and peace of mind.
  • Observable metrics — Although fitness involves many intangibles, PTC works with clients to chart many observable changes. We begin with measurements of the client from calf to neck. We also track our clients’ weight, body mass index and blood pressure. Over time, our clients have an encouraging record of the improvement their commitment has won.

All of these benefits are available to your employees at a reasonable price. When you consider the potential savings in healthcare costs and gains in productivity, your PTC corporate wellness program can more than pay for itself.

Contact PTC in Harrisburg to learn more about corporate wellness programs  

Precision Training Concepts in Harrisburg offers a unique fitness experience that can pay benefits for your company. To learn how a corporate wellness program at PTC can reduce your healthcare costs and improve worker productivity, call us today at (717) 461-3410 or contact our studio online. We are conveniently located at 4085 Linglestown Road, just two miles east of the Susquehanna River.