PTC in Harrisburg Enhances Personal Training with Nutritional Counseling

Common sense guidance to optimize your workout and speed your success

All the exercise in the world won’t deliver the results you want if your diet is not properly balanced. Unfortunately, people with busy schedules often cut corners when it comes to nutrition. Sure, grabbing some quick and easy calories might work in the short term. But, falling into poor nutritional habits can ruin your health in the long term. Poor nutrition makes you more susceptible to stress, insomnia, colds, and fatigue, all of which can be ruinous to your fitness goals.

Fortunately, at Precision Training Concepts, we take a holistic approach to your fitness. Just as our personal trainers tailor a workout to your needs and goals, we also perform a nutritional inventory and offer specific nutritional guidance to help you meet your goals. But, rather than simply sell you on the latest fad that guarantees weight loss, we rely on proven principles to get you sustainable results that enhance your overall health.

Fad diets come and go, but sound nutrition lasts for the long-term

Every year it seems another fad diet steps forward to capture the imagination of the dieting public: Keto, South Beach, Atkins, Paleo, Veganism. The list goes on and on. Some other them are very effective for a short period, but they just aren’t sustainable. Often, they are so strict they take all the joy out of eating, so boredom inevitably sets in. In other cases, the diet has dangerous long-term consequences.

At PTC, we’re not fans of fad diets. We stress common sense consumption of healthy foods to fuel your body, such as:  

  • Lean protein — Nothing builds muscle like the lean protein you get from trimmed beef, chicken, fish and other sources.  
  • Complex carbohydrates — Though much-maligned these days, carbohydrates are necessary for fueling your engine. You’ve just got to be sensible about choosing slow-burning carbs from whole grains, rather than processed breads and starches.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables — The value of these items cannot be underestimated. Their vitamins, minerals and other nutrients will boost your immune system, help you manage stress, and speed your recovery from your workouts.
  • Low sugar — Healthy glucose levels are key to sustained energy. Too much sugar triggers insulin production that drives down your blood glucose levels and leaves with sluggish with the sugar blues.
  • Frequent intake of smaller portions — While it may be necessary to reduce your overall food intake to meet your fitness goals, starving yourself is never a good idea. In fact, the too stringent a diet can cause your body to store fat rather than allow you to burn it. On the other hand, you can trick your body into consistently metabolizing what you eat by eating small portions more frequently. We generally suggest six “meals”  a day to keep the fires burning.
  • Moderate alcohol — Although there are health benefits to moderate drinking, such as improved circulation, it’s wise to drink in moderation. Your body metabolizes alcohol just like sugar, so too much drinking can slow down your system and leave you lethargic about your workout.

Our approach to diet and nutrition allows for endless variety, so it’s sustainable over time. You learn healthy nutritional habits that serve you well for the rest of your life, but you never get bored.

Personal attention to your unique system facilitates optimal results

Although we work within accepted parameters of a balanced diet, we understand that diet and nutrition are not one-size-fits-all propositions. Your health and injury history, present conditioning and lifestyle require flexibility. You might be suffering from food sensitivities or allergies without even knowing it, or you might have a blood glucose issue, such as hypoglycemia, pre-diabetes, or diabetes. All of your trainers are well-versed in nutrition and our experience allows us to counsel individuals who have special dietary needs. In fact, Patty Wallace-Sibbach is a senior diabetes care specialist, who educates healthcare providers on various issues, such as women’s health and osteoporosis. When you take advantage of our nutritional counseling, you get sound advice on common sense adjustments you can make to improve your training and your overall health.

Contact PTC in Harrisburg to learn more about our nutritional counseling  

Precision Training Concepts in Harrisburg offers a unique fitness experience based on close, one-to-one instruction that includes nutritional counseling. To learn how we can help you modify your diet to achieve your wellness goals, call us today at (717) 461-3410 or contact our studio online. We are conveniently located at 4085 Linglestown Road, just two miles east of the Susquehanna River.